About Me

My first memory, I was about 1.

I’m a farm girl, youngest of five girls from a very small Iowa town.  We had four TV channels and a party line for awhile.  I spent a lot of my summer days outside exploring or reading.  My Dad always said I was too independent but I think that’s my parents’ fault.  My Mom sold Avon when I was little and she would put me in front of the TV with my dolls.  When she returned I would still be sitting there playing.  Today people would call that abandonment, I call it trying to survive in the 60’s with five kids.  When I was 18, I saved up my money and traveled to Europe for the summer after my high school graduation.  One of the months I stayed with my penpal’s family in England.  I didn’t want to leave them.  Heck, I didn’t want to leave England!  I have since had my DNA analyzed and found out I’m 79% British.  No wonder it felt like home.

I received my journalism degree from Grand View College in Des Moines (now Grand View University).  That’s where I met my husband and some of my lifelong friends.  In high school I always thought I would become a foreign correspondent.  Now I live in a big city where I work for a 100% privately-funded nonprofit as the Communications and Social Media Manager.  I still travel, and I still read.  And now I’m back to writing.  I hope you enjoy my little random thoughts as I explore my love of writing (or as some people might say, expressing my opinion).


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7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I loved this! Marissa is a dear friend of mine. I really like the neat and clean layout of your blog!! Good success. Enjoyable reading. I might add that I’ve been “chomping at the bit” to get to Jodi’s books. How many does she have out now? Amazing. Keep writing!

  2. Howdy from Texas:)

    Love your blog, I’ve only just discovered it, and so glad I did! Your post on The Beautiful American was great.

    It’d be amazing to read your thoughts on my debut novel, THE WAITING ROOM. Hope you check it out!

  3. Are you my Doppelganger? ” farm girl, youngest of five girls from a very small Iowa town,” old enough to remember the party line and only four TV channels, spent summer days outside exploring or reading and it wasn’t child abandonment, it was allowing a child to be independent – have you read Lenore Skenazy’s “Free Range Kids”-? Welcome to my world, Marla!

  4. Hi there ~ We happened upon your lovely review almost by accident. I am most grateful! I have looked through your site and it’s an honour to be reviewed amongst such a fine list of great reads. Do you have an email address that we might add to our list of reviewers? Please email me at psands.stories@gmail.com . Thanks so much!

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