Come Winter takes us back in time

25106362Come Winter by Clare Gutierrez is a beautifully written story that features Lady Caterina Tabor who was headed to England when she is kidnapped by Lord Rhys Dermoth and is placed in the kitchen as a maid.

Caty is a very strong, beautiful woman who Lord Dermoth takes a fancy to even though he isn’t supposed to keep her.  He soon forces her into a marriage that she doesn’t want but resigns that it is what her life should be.  Caty embraces being Lady Dermoth and throws herself into the role by improving the Castle and grounds and doing things that make the locals love her.

All Caty wants is to get to the English courts, so she tries to escape her situation over and over and is never successful.  She’s a female and females are more like property than individuals.  So of course she has men wanting to use and abuse her.

t always drives me crazy how in ancient times, when there were kings and queens who ruled the lands, storming castles and taking land from other rulers, women were always property of the king. Caty never really had her independence. At least she tried to be as independent and strong as possible within the confines of her life, which made the people loyal to her and love her dearly.

I really enjoyed this story.  Clare made me feel like I was right there with Caty each time she tried to escape and when she was helping the villagers.  The descriptions were fantastic and I really got lost in the story.  This one I have been recommending to friends and I think you should pick it up if you enjoy historical fiction.

Book Description:


Such is the paradox of Lady Caterina Tabor, an extraordinary young girl who, en route to England, finds herself captured and at the mercy of a stern and powerful lord. Forced to work as a common kitchen maid in the dank halls of Dermoth Castle, Caty dreams of her past as a free and autonomous maiden with a bright future in the English courts—did fate have other plans?

This early trial is but the first in a litany of shocking tribulations; imprisoned, abused, accused of sorcery, and kidnapped, Caty’s life is for so long anything but charmed—but you can’t keep a soaring heart shackled. As we follow this misunderstood maiden’s journey through both the unexpected, electrifying joys of new love and the pain of mind-boggling adversity, we become eyewitnesses to the astonishing way she not only transforms herself but also enchants, inspires, and invigorates those around her.

Spanning decades of castle life, treacherous journeys, bloody battles, and heartache, Come Winter is a sweeping yet personal tale of a brave woman who at once embodies and transcends the prescribed, and oftentimes oppressive, roles her society demands. Let Clare Gutierrez (author of Dancing with the Boss) curate your voyage back to the Scottish highlands of ages past—a time and place in which simply staying alive constituted a noble adventure, and becoming a patron of the oppressed and the impoverished could make you a hallowed queen.

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