Things are not what they appear in Just Breathe

23474174Lately I’ve been very lucky with the books I have won, received from publishers or requested to read by authors I have never heard of before.  Each time I read one of these books, I have been pleasantly surprised.  Just Breathe by Kari Lynn is one of those surprises.  This is Lynn’s first novel and she does an outstanding job.  I was quickly pulled into the life of Keira and her family from the start.

Keira and her older twin siblings have moved from Wisconsin to Oregon to live with their aunt and uncle after their parents have been killed.  The kids are junior and seniors in high school and start at the new school a few months into the school year.  On the first day, Keira quickly becomes friends with Ashlyn and Katie making her transition at the new school easier.  Keira then meets David and falls madly in love.

Keira has a hard time sleeping and only gets a few hours at a time.  She also forgets to breathe when she is in a nervous situation, which has caused panic attacks in the past.  Now that she is in Oregon, she hears a voice in her room.  A voice that sounds familiar to her but she can’t quite pinpoint who it is.

It is soon revealed that there are witches and vampires in the world and they are a lot closer than you think.

Lynn pulled me into the story immediately and I had a hard time putting the book down.  This is a very well written book that will pull you into the story.  There are times when the story goes really fast and times when it slows down.  I really liked Keira’s brother Justen, he was such a nice guy to Keira.  It would have been nice to have had more of him in the story.  This is such a good book and worth the read.  Pick it up and enjoy the ride.

Book Description:

After the death of her parents, sixteen-year-old Keira is forced to leave her childhood home to live with her aunt and uncle whom she never met.  One night a voice wakes her from her troubled sleep, a voice that cannot be placed.  A voice that cannot be unheard.

Amid settling into her new life she meets David, an attractive charming senior. His confidence and mystery engage and consume her.  Keira tries to escape her haunts but finds herself battling with anxiety.  She learns she doesn’t live in the world she thought she did.  She isn’t who she thought she was.  Her thoughts no longer feel as if they are her own and all too often she can’t breathe.

Until next time…enjoy the view from your passenger seat