Whisper of the Woods is another great YA book

27869352Whisper of the Woods by D.G. Driver is the second book in the Juniper Sawfeather story.  Juniper or June as her friends and family know her, is a great character.  She’s a high school senior in Washington State living with her environmentalist parents.  In the first book, June dealt with mermaids.  In the second book she encounters an ancient spirit in a very old tree.

Juniper is a great character who doesn’t follow along with everyone else in high school.  This makes her an outcast and also a target for the Vice Principal Mrs. Slater, who seems to have it out for her.  I couldn’t stand Slater.  I wanted to reach in and throttle her.  She should not be in education and I hope she gets what she deserves in the third book.

June can see magical characters.  In Cry of the Sea she saw mermaids but no one believed her and called her a liar and fraud.  There are a few high school kids who are determined to ruin her life.

This time Juniper is attracted to one of the oldest trees on the reservation.  When she is first near it with her boyfriend Carter, they argue for the first time.  June goes back to the tree the next day and next thing she knows she is 100 feet in the air up in the tree and doesn’t remember getting up there.  June’s uncle wants to cut the tree down but every time someone inflicts damage to the tree, June feels it.

Driver does a great job of bringing across such a wonderful visual of the story that the reader becomes part of the story.  I felt I was up in the tree with Juniper and also on the ground with her family.  I cringed when the tree was hurt.  I got cold when Juniper was cold.  I wanted to know if she was ever going to be let down or if the tree would take her forever.

This is a fantastic young adult series that everyone will enjoy.  You could read the books as standalone but they are much better enjoyed as a series. I can’t wait to see if Juniper succeeds on her next quest.

Book Description:
Juniper Sawfeather seems to have a talent for finding mythological creatures. Or maybe the creatures are finding her.  The mermaids she saved from the oil spill are long gone. There’s no evidence of them, and she’s been branded as a liar and a fake in the media and at school. Her environmental activist parents have moved on to a protest to save Old Growth trees from being chopped down. June isn’t particularly concerned with this cause until after falling asleep at the base of a giant tree she wakes to find herself 40 feet in the air on one of its branches!

From this point on she becomes obsessed with the tree, and it appears the tree is becoming obsessed with her too. Soon, she is trapped 170 feet above the ground, and the magical spirit that resides in the tree isn’t interested in letting her go free or allowing anyone else to save her. Is the tree spirit good or evil? Will Juniper’s feet ever touch the ground again?

Until next time…enjoy the view from your passenger seat