The Director is a governmental thriller

23316525I find stories about the government very interesting.  I don’t know how government works, so it’s always interesting to read what might be happening in Washington DC and the different branches of government.  The Director by David Ignatius brings the reader into the belly of the CIA and FBI.  This thriller exposes the reader to the world of hackers and what could be happening when individuals get a taste of power.

Graham Weber is the new CIA Director and on his first week on the job, he realizes there is a mole in the organization.  Weber is a businessman who thinks he will totally change the CIA and bring it into the present instead of stuck in the 1940’s.  But as the weeks go by, he is finding people don’t like change and they especially don’t like him.

Then there is James Morris.  A former hacker who Weber meets at DEF CON in Las Vegas a year before he becomes the Director.  Morris now is head of the Information Operations Center of the CIA.  He recruits other hackers to help the department.  He also wants to bring the CIA into the present like Weber.  But soon it is revealed that Morris is conducting a secret mission outside of the CIA to hack into The Bank for International Settlements.  This is a bank that was set up back in the 1940s for the Nazis.

In order to find the mole, Weber selects a handful of people who he tests to make sure they are trustworthy.  Once he has them in place, he gives them tasks to help flush out the mole.  Cyril Hoffman, Director of National Intelligence seems to be someone who is trying to block Weber from changing the CIA.  He is a character I didn’t really are about.

There is a lot going on in this book that makes you question what happens in the CIA and FBI.  It also makes you look at what happens in the cyber world and how hackers can easily slip into different organizations computer systems.  We have seen this recently with Target getting hacked and the fact they didn’t find it for days or months.  No matter all the safety and firewalls put in place, no organization is safe.  This is a great thriller and is worth the read.

Book Description:

Graham Weber has been the director of the CIA for less than a week when a Swiss kid in a dirty T-shirt walks into the American consulate in Hamburg and says the agency has been hacked, and he has a list of agents’ names to prove it.  This is the moment a CIA director most dreads.  Like the new world of cyber-espionage from which it’s drawn, The Director is a maze of double dealing, about a world where everything is written in zeroes and ones—and nothing can be trusted.

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