Genetic purity is the future in Vagabond

22143978Vagabond by J.D. Brewer is a wonderfully written story.  I really got sucked into this one and got lost in the characters.  Vagabond is the distant future where society as we know it no longer exists.  The world now revolves around genetics and the Genetic Engineering Guild dictates your entire life by your genetics; where you live, who you marry, whether you can have children and how many.  The colonies live by a strict set of rules and anyone who goes against the rules and live outside of the colonies, is known as vagabonds and rebels.

The main character Niko is first introduced after she’s been dumped by her best friend and mentor Xavi who has ditched her for a random girl with a nice pair of legs.  Niko’s heart is broken and she is traveling alone when she bumps into a new guy fresh out of the colonies and reluctantly ends up teaching him the ways of the Tracks.

The story weaves back and forth through the past and present where we learn about Niko’s life before she became a Vagabond.  We learn about a major tragedy that forced her to flee the only life she knew, how she met and was left by Xavi, and the present, where she’s learning so much about herself and the world.

Vagabond is an interesting concept of what our world could look like in several hundred years from now as the government tries to make the human race perfect by manipulating genetics.  The Genetic Engineering Guild is trying to eliminate all illnesses and making people as perfect as possible and they are worried the Vagabonds will bring illnesses back into society.

It was also sad with the way people were being treated and how government was trying to get rid of what makes people unique.  I really wanted the Vagabonds to succeed and avoid the people hunting them.  There is quite a twist that was very shocking.  Vagabond is a very good read that was well worth my time.  I want to know more about the characters and can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

Book description:

When Niko’s parents are brutally murdered by the Republic for being Genetic Terrorists, she must learn how to survive in the wild, in life, and in love. With nothing but her pack for a home, she travels the fringes of the Colonies by train and by foot, and collects memories of the Vagabonds who teach her how to live with her new freedom. She first encounters Xavi, the boy who heals her heart before he breaks it. He simply leaves her for a nice pair of Legs, and Niko must learn how to move past unexplainable heartbreak. She soon discovers the Tracks are no place for love, because everything moves a little too fast. Before Niko has time to mourn her rejection, she encounters a different kind of pain— a pain in the rear named Flea. Niko’s subsequent adventures cause her to question her beliefs about the Genetic Engineering Guild, the Republic, the Revolution, and her heart. In this unconventional science fiction novel, a coming of age story is set against a utopian backdrop, and Niko just happens to be on the wrong side of perfection. Her tale is propelled by non-stop action while her past is never far behind to fill in the gaps. It’s a twist-driven page turner that’s incredibly difficult to put down once you pick it up.

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind review on your blog! As I’m trudging though editing the sequel, your kind words are very encouraging. You truly made my morning.
    J.D. Brewer

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