The Brand Demand is filled with twists and turns

Brand DemandI know a book is good when at the start the author is able to grab me by the front of my shirt and suck me into the story so fast that my feet are in the air and my arms are flailing around.  That is what happened when I started reading The Brand Demand by Johnny Worthen.

Johnny contacted me through about reviewing his book.  Of course I said yes and I’m SO glad I did.  I was sucked into the story with the first couple paragraphs and didn’t come up for breath for several hours.  Johnny does a fantastic job weaving a story that keeps the reader guessing about what is going to happen, how people are connected and how people are going to act.  He didn’t give anything away until the end.

The main character Galen is fed up with what is happening in the world.  He is fed up with people who cheat on their spouses, cheat on their employer and cheat the general public.  So Galen quits his job and becomes a blackmailer.  He has assembled a team with different skills who helps research the marks to make sure he knows everything about the mark.  Once Galen feels comfortable that he knows everything there is to know about the mark, he confronts them and extracts money.

Galen decides his latest mark is Richard Brand and Richard is Galen’s ticket to taking down Richard’s father-in-law, the owner of CarsonCo.  Galen finds out that Richard is cheating on his wife and feels he needs to go after Richard even though he doesn’t know everything he should about Richard.  After Galen confronts Richard and makes his demands, Richard disappears and things start to happen that Galen wasn’t expecting.

If you like intrigue, suspense and a little bit of humor thrown in, then pick up this book.  You will not be disappointed.

Book description:

Galen is political. Galen is fed up. Galen is a blackmailer.

Brand is a jerk who has money. He had an affair and Galen found out. Now Brand has new problems.  A criminal and self-styled Robin Hood, Galen must face down a ruthless enemy who does not share his ideological limitations.

In the footsteps of Edward Abbey’s THE MONKEY WRENCH GANG, THE BRAND DEMAND follows a group of political activists who strike at the system with cunning and guile while getting rich doing it.  Galen takes risks and money, but when his plans go awry, he quickly learns that politics are no substitute for wits.

Galen has to come to grips with his own boundaries of action and love while running for his life in Southern Utah. He has to stay under the radar, dodging skinheads and corporate moguls, Latter Day Saints romance writers and cheating husbands and—of course and always—the authorities.

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