Origin Season One is a fast-paced mystery that will take you on quite a ride

Origin Season OneThe unbreachable Federal Reserve Bank in New York has been breached and something has been taken.  That is how Origin Season One begins.  This is also the start of the wild ride author Nathaniel Dean James takes the reader as he weaves a suspenseful story that takes his characters around the world.

The book introduces a lot of characters at the beginning, so it’s a good idea to spend a few hours at the beginning of the book to dig your teeth into the story as things start to go wrong very quickly and the story jumps around between several different locations and characters.

Francis Moore thinks he is stealing a computer drive from the CIA when in fact the bank box is owned by someone else who wants the drive back and will stop at nothing to get it.  FBI Special Agent Mike Banner is brought into the case to find out who broke into the Bank.  Soon Banner is mysteriously taken off the case, but that doesn’t stop his FBI analyst Mitch digging into information Mike gave him then told Mitch to forget it.

Soon a small town couple of kids get mixed up with Francis and are literally running for their lives and dead bodies start piling up.  There is a lot going on this book with all the twists and turns and slow reveals that James keeps the reader entertained.

As the story slowly reveals what really is on the disc and why people are willing to kill for it, you start to wonder, are we the only ones in the universe or are there other living beings out there.

I read this book on my phone mainly at lunch and I found myself wanting to sneak in a little bit more reading when I was at my desk, but I resisted.  Mr. James is a great writer and I’m sure I would enjoy anything he writes.  If you like twists and turns, lots of action and intrigue, pick this up.  You will definitely be entertained.  Then once you are done, pick up Season Two, which was published in April.

Book description:

What could an assassination program begun by the Nixon administration and a malfunctioning camera on board NASA’s Voyager II space probe possibly have in common?  To Francis Moore, finding the answer is about to become a matter of life and death.

Uprooted by a chance encounter from a promising career in the Marine Corps and thrust onto the front line of the country’s clandestine “war on terror,” Francis has few illusions left about the world and how it works. In an attempt to atone for his complicity in one of the more egregious of the CIA’s covert operations, he resolves to expose the program, only to find his efforts thwarted at the last minute by the intervention of a highly determined “third party,” whose motives he neither suspects nor understands.

Caught suddenly in a rising tempest of murder, deceit and betrayal, Francis has no choice but to turn his talents to identifying his new assailants before it is too late.  From the streets of Manhattan and the country lanes of rural New England to the wilderness of Canada and far beyond, he reluctantly finds himself dragged into the depths of a mystery that is as frightening as it is incredible, a journey that will open his eyes to the existence of something few could imagine, and fewer still would believe possible. A secret with the power to both resurrect the fortunes of a world edging ever closer to the brink of disaster, or tip it over once and for all.

Until next time…enjoy the view from your passenger seat