Hunting witches can be a family affair

The Hunter’s Companion by Lori Powell bounces back and forth between Regan in 201320753152 and her ancestor Lora Smith in 1645.  Both of them have a gift for hunting and killing familiars that attack humans in an unusual fog in the fenland of West Norfolk.  They both team with someone from the Hunter family along with some of their ancestors doing the same thing.  Sometimes, the Hunter family members have fought alone.

Regan meets Nate, an American at the Hunter’s Rest, a bar where Regan recently gets a waitressing job.  Lora teams with Rafe.  When fighting, Regan and Nate know when each other is near and they know what the other is going to do without looking.  They are so synced together.

Regan has moved to Scytheton Village with her mom Katherine and younger sister Ashleigh to take care of Aunty Vi who is over 90-years-old.  Regan soon makes friends with Toni and Maeve and Toni’s best friend Ella, who really doesn’t seem to like Regan much.  While walking home late from work one night, Regan encounters a very unusual dense fog.  She soon hears weird noises and then sees something that doesn’t look human.  Soon another noise is heard and Nate shows up on his motorcycle and chases the creature away.  Here begins the relationship between Nate and Regan.

The creatures or as Nate calls them familiars, are the pets of a witch in the area.  Nate has been told that the witch has been killed years ago so it is confusing to him why the familiars are showing up more frequently when there isn’t a witch to own them.  They also only show up every 100 years.

Regan selected the attic room for her bedroom when they moved in and while moving boxes around, finds a box with old diaries from her ancestors.  She and Nate soon start to learn the history of Lora and also of Elizabeth and about their ancestors who fought the familiars and the witches.

I liked that the book bounced back and forth between Regan and Lora.  It was interesting to read about the differences with fighting, dealing with a witch and the witch hunt that went on in 1645 where anyone could turn in a neighbor as a witch and not really have any solid proof.

Back in the 1600’s, the Witch Finder Mathew Hopkins, would be summoned to a village because villagers would turn in their neighbors as witches.  Hopkins would torture the women until they couldn’t take it anymore and confess even if they weren’t witches.  Strap them to a board and they floated on the lake, why they must be a witch.  Didn’t matter that boards can float.

This was a really well written story that brought the reader into the Fenland and the lives of the characters.  Sometimes you wanted to scream at them and sometimes you wanted to reach in and help.  I there were a couple times I thought “I did not see that coming.”  I look forward to the next installment and to find out what is next for Regan and Nate.

Book Description:

Witches and hunters.  Blood and magic.  Heartache and lust.  Will history repeat itself?  Lora Smith’s life changes forever one day deep in the English fens.  Caught up in the Witch trials of 1645, her life ends tragically early, yet her legacy lives on.  Regan White is a 21st century Brighton girl who loves to shop, party, and shop some more.  Forced to relocate to her aunt’s crumbling old house in the fenland of West Norfolk, away from everything she’s ever known, Regan’s life takes a mysterious twist.

A box of old diaries tell of strange happenings, striking a chord with Regan’s own recent unnerving experience in the lingering fog of the fens and drawing her deeper into the mystery.  Destiny is a big word but it seems that Regan’s is irrevocably entwined in this bewitching landscape.  How do the diaries, her band of new friends, and the captivating American Nate Hunter, all tie together?  Will Regan find the link before it is too late, or will she share Lora’s fate?

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