When is loving someone right and when is it wrong?

I have mixed feelings about It’s You by D. Bunyan.  First of all, I have an issue with 23213223teachers having affairs with their students.  It’s so wrong on all levels because a teacher has the responsibility to protect a student and make sure no harm happens to them.  Outside of the classroom, the age difference between someone who is 18 and 25 is not that big of a difference.

With that said, I thought I would have a hard time reading this book but Bunyan does a great job of concentrating on the emotional attachment of the two men.  David is a school teacher in England and works with a lot of Level 6 students who are an equivalent of U.S. seniors.  Matt is a Level 6 student in David’s class and he is in love with David.

They have been playing squash together and David has been driving Matt home.  During one of the drives home, Matt professes his love for David.  Slowly David realizes that he has feelings for Matt too and then begins their relationship.  Matt is 18 when they first have sex and I think David is probably around 28.  David is also engaged to be married to Clare.  Clare is busy planning their wedding.  They are also getting David’s house ready to sell it so they can purchase a place that is just theirs.  Soon David is consumed by his love for Matt and needs to be with him all the time, which causes him to lie to Clare as he heads out on his bike, or tells her he is tutoring so he will be out late.

This book is about how deep we can love someone no matter what sex they are.  It’s about sorrow and how deep you can hit bottom when that love is gone.  It’s about coming to terms with your sexuality and accepting the love you have for someone.  I thought the relationship between David and Matt was beautifully written.  Even though it was very wrong for a teacher and student to have a relationship, the story really makes you look at how far you would go for the one you love.  I will say the ending was a little abrupt and I would have liked it to end slightly differently with more explanation of why Matt does what he does.

Book description:

David is about to marry and settle down to a prosperous future with a woman whose DNA probably matches his own. But a declaration of love that he fails to deal with both emotionally and professionally catapults him into a spiral of deceit and decline.

The opinions of an ambitious headmaster, a best friend, jealous lovers, errant parents, a failed businessmen, a Brazilian taxi driver and a handsome backpacker all surprise and confound him over his love for Mark. Will he ever come to his senses?

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