Luck for Hire will take you on a crazy ride

This short book is good for a Sunday afternoon sitting by the fire when you want something to entertain you.  The book starts out with Dana late for a meeting and because she is the last one to arrive, her boss gives her a folder for a client he wants her to represent.  He doesn’t let her even sit down, he sends her out to meet with the client, Felix Benes.  Soon Benes disappears and men start following Dana.  In the meantime, Luck is a private investigator who can sneak into businesses and can find the exact information he needs.  Soon Luck and Dana’s paths cross and Luck starts helping Dana after she realizes men are following her.

Possibly final cover.

Possibly final cover.

The entire time you don’t really know who the people are that are trying to kill Dana and why they are after her.  We do know it’s something to do with the Big Pharma.  Everything though, is revealed at the end.  Aleister has a little bit of magic to him and can do things that other people can’t.  He can type keys into a computer and within seconds have a code or found the files that he needs.  He can crack computer codes within seconds when it can take computer programmers days to crack.

You don’t learn too much about the characters backgrounds and I wasn’t really sure why Detective Moore was so enamored with Dana, but it was a well written book and kept my attention the entire time.  The short chapters made the book flow fast.

Here is the book description: If science is a product of observation, then magic is the manipulation of what isn’t or can’t be observed. Private investigators are often generously described as “down on their luck.” They are the good guys, helping the helpless, regardless of the cost. Sherlock Holmes rarely accepted payment from clients of little means.

Aleister Luck, despite his magic, has not had celebrities and nobility knock on his door. A native of Las Vegas, he gambles at the casinos for pocket money when he isn’t finding clients in need. On a whim, he investigates the law firm of Devine, Chance & Merit and runs afoul of the greatest danger to his magic: his snoopy ex-girlfriend.

Felix Benes’ gene-based cancer diagnostic will recommend against many profitable but useless or harmful treatments. His funding has been cut and he fears he’s being hunted. While Dana Spelman, his attorney at DCM, evaluates the viability of his case, he disappears. Then, she attracts the attention of the sort of men that might make someone disappear. As Dana evades them, she runs into her gambling-addicted loser ex-boyfriend.

As they uncover the labyrinthine conspiracy behind Benes’ disappearance, Luck’s magic will struggle against Dana’s efforts to survive.

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