Hello 2011!

Dog protecting sick child.

It’s day two of 2011.  That’s right, already day two.  It’s also the last day of my “stay-cation.”  I’m not ready to go back to work.  I’m sure my desk has been ransacked and it will put me in a foul mood to start the year.  It will also be hard to go from quiet days around the house to dealing with phone calls, e-mails, staff and new interns.

My stay-cation was almost two weeks long.  We “shut down” the office Dec. 23 – Jan 2 and I added a few days in front to make it longer.  I wanted the time to go slow, so I really didn’t schedule too many activities.  Plus my daughter got strep, so that also kept me at home.

I enjoyed sleeping in, working out for a good hour, watching movies and reading books.  I did squeeze in a lunch with my friend Karen, which I thought was only two hours but really lasted four.

Of course I took my daughter, Karen and her daughter to Oklahoma Joe’s where you can get probably the best bar-b-que in Kansas City.  Okla Joe’s opens at 11, we got there at 11:28 and the line was already out the door.  One hour later, we finally ordered.  The entire time we were there, the line was out the door and across the parking lot.  It’s a normal sight to see the line so long but we also think since the show was featured on Man vs. Food it has become more popular, especially when a couple had their picture taken in front of the sign.

In the past, we have gone to friends’ houses or they have come to our house for New Year’s.  This year we went to Applebee’s, had a nice family dinner and then home to watch a couple movies.  There are too many drunks on the roads for our liking.

My parents pretty much did the same thing when I was little.  They had a group of good friends called the Card Club.  They would get together and play cards and usually celebrated New Year’s together.  When I was young, I had to stay in my room where there was no heat and quietly watch a 9” black/white TV or read.  When I got older I babysat and then in college I went out with friends.

Now it’s 2011.  The start of the second decade of the 2000’s.  Or do we say twenty-hundred?  At least it’s the start of the second decade of this century.

I have plans for 2011, not New Year’s resolutions; I gave up making those years ago.  So instead I have a 2011 “to do” list.  Some of the things on my list: get rid of stuff that hasn’t been used in two or more years, add more insulation in the house (I’m tired of frozen pipes), plant trees on the west (backside) to block the wind and get the landscaping looking better.  My To Do list includes things that need to get done but things I keep putting off.

So here’s to a productive 2011.

Until next time…enjoy the view from your passenger seat.


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  1. We are both on a de-cluttering mission! How did WE miss lunch in there…oh, yea, right…I worked……. Glad to know you relaxed some; you are most deserving of the break!

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